Client Stories

We asked a few of our clients to explain what we have done to help them and the benefits they experienced by working with us. Here are their stories.

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Simon & Pamela Carlton

Simon & Pamela were nearing retirement and in need of a plan. As organised but busy people, they had money all over the place and wanted help understanding their finances and positioning their money for better returns. Our work together has enabled Simon to retire much earlier than anticipated.

Ian and Linda Gordon

Ian & Linda were 3 years off retirement and unsure of the next steps to take. They wanted to retire at their target date and have sufficient income to meet their lifestyle goals. By modelling different scenarios, we showed them they could afford to retire and created an income strategy for during their retirement.

Alan Hutchinson

Alan and Helen approached us to reaffirm that they were financially ready to retire. We continue to reassure them that they can carry on travelling and doing the things that they want in retirement. We also helped Alan’s mother with estate planning and significantly reduced her Inheritance Tax bill.

Mike and Sue Erwin

Mike and Sue came to us when they started thinking about retirement. We worked with them to understand what they had and helped them create a plan to achieve the retirement they desired. They are now phasing into retirement and we continue working together to ensure they stay on track.

Peter & Maureen Thorndyke

Peter & Maureen approached us to help them reduce their Inheritance Tax bill and the amount of administration from their existing accounts and investments. Through careful planning, including gifting to children, we quickly reduced their Inheritance Tax bill, meaning they could see the children use it now, rather than wait many years.

John & Pamela Lythe

John and Pamela arrived at our office wondering if it would be possible for them both to retire at the same time. We looked at the figures and created a long-term plan which allowed them to retire simultaneously. It gave them the freedom to travel and achieve their goals much earlier than expected.

Suzanne Richardson

Suzanne found us when she was left wondering how she would cope financially when presented with an unfair divorce settlement. We reassured her that we could help make sense of the settlement. We reworked the figures, clearly explaining why we had done so, and highlighted the flaws in the calculations provided.


Written stories

John & Catherine’s

"We wanted to ensure the family benefited from our estate – not the tax man!"

David & Brenda’s

"I knew I wanted to retire early but was not sure if I really could afford to."


"I want to make sure I can live in the style I’ve become accustomed to, even after I retire."


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CISI Accredited Financial Planning Firm™ of the Year Award 2022

Professional Adviser Awards – Adviser Firm of the Year – Overall. Winner 2024, 2020

Professional Adviser Awards – Professional Adviser Firm of the Year – North East. Winner 2024, 2020, 2019, Finalists 2022, 2021

Professional Adviser Awards – Best Client Engagement (Advisers). Winner 2024, 2023, 2020, Highly Commended 2022, 2019

New Model Adviser Firm of the North Award. Winner 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, Finalists 2018, 2017

Yorkshire Financial Awards – Financial Adviser Team of the Year. Winner 2023, 2022

Yorkshire Financial Awards – Financial Adviser of the Year (Andrew Elson). Winner 2023, 2022

Yorkshire Financial Awards – Outstanding Achievement (Sarah Elson), Winner 2023

New Model Adviser Top 100 - 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018

Women in Finance Awards – Financial Adviser of the Year - North East (Sarah Elson). Winner 2022

Yorkshire Financial Awards – Director of the Year (Sarah Elson). Winner 2022

Professional Adviser Awards – Tax-Efficient Adviser of the Year. Winner 2021

CISI Accredited Financial Planning Firm™ of the Year Award 2019

Yorkshire Financial Awards – Best Employer. Winner 2019

Retirement Planner Awards – Best Individual Pensions Advice Firm of the Year – The North and Scotland. Winner 2019, Finalist 2018

Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards – Retirement Adviser of the Year. Highly Commended 2018

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