Who we work with

At Berry & Oak, we’re passionate about helping all our clients experience the most from life, through highly tailored and independent financial planning and advice. We specialise in working with three main groups of clients.

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We work with families, business owners and individuals at all stages of life.

However, our work often has at least one of the following focuses: the build up to retirement, the retirement years, and ensuring your wealth is transferred tax-efficiently to those you care about the most.

You can read more about the specific ways we address the needs of clients at each stage of life, by clicking through to the following pages:


In the build up to retirement, you will want to feel confident you have everything in place to live comfortably and free of money worries.


If you are already retired, we'll help you take control of your finances, so you can enjoy your life without fear of running out of money.

Keeping your wealth
in the family

There’s nothing more precious than family. We can help you ensure their financial future is secure and your wealth is protected.

Ready to talk?

If you want to know more about getting the most out of your finances for your retirement, investing or estate planning, please get in touch. You can send us an email or use the direct message box at the bottom of this page. Or call us and we can chat through your needs and, if you are ready, make an appointment to better understand how we can help.