Why choose a Chartered and Accredited firm?

We are one of a very small number of financial planning firms in the country to have been awarded Chartered status from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and to be an Accredited Financial Planning Firm™. Find out what that means for you as a client.

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What is Chartered status?

A Chartered professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work.

It’s a concept that stretches back to 11th century, although the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is a mere 109 years old, having been given its royal Charter in 1912.

In the UK, chartered titles may still only be awarded by institutions that have been incorporated under Royal Charter, with the permission of the Privy Council. The standards for chartered titles in the UK are set between the professional bodies and relevant government departments, and cannot be changed without government permission.

In the 21st century, Chartered status is more relevant than ever. Across the professional landscape, Chartered status stands proud as an indicator of the highest standards of learning and ethical behaviour.

Why choose a Chartered firm of Financial Planners?

Berry & Oak are proud to have been awarded the prestigious title of Chartered Financial Planners by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

This title is only awarded to firms committed to developing and maintaining the knowledge and capability of their people, delivering the highest quality advice to their clients and that follow a demanding Code of Ethics set by the CII. You can view the Code here.

Holding a Chartered title gives financial planning firms parity with other professionals, such as accountants and solicitors. With currently just over 900 firms of “Chartered Financial Planners” in the UK, it remains an exclusive and valuable distinction and is considered the “gold standard” of excellence and integrity.


What does Chartered status mean for you as a client?

Chartered status brings with it serious obligations. Chartered firms are required to ensure the advice, service, and ongoing support they provide to you is:

  • Of the highest quality
  • Based solely on your researched needs
  • Provided by someone operating within their level of competency.

It also helps us attract and retain the best staff. Talented professionals want to work for ambitious, principled organisations, and corporate Chartered status is a clear indicator of the professional standing of a potential employer – all of which benefits you as a client.

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Why choose an Accredited firm of Financial Planners?

The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) sets standards of professional excellence and integrity for the Securities, Investment and Financial Planning industry. It also provides qualifications and promotes the highest level of competence to its members, individuals and firms.

As an Accredited Financial Planning Firm ™ we meet the CISI’s rigorous ethics, experience, competence and professional practice standards. Currently there are less than 80 firms in the UK who have received this accreditation.

To be named an Accredited Financial Planning Firm™ in conjunction with holding Chartered firm status is rare and sets us apart as one of the most highly accredited financial planning firms in the UK.

What are the benefits of working with an Accredited Financial Planning Firm?

An interview with Andrew and Sarah Elson: 2019 Accredited Financial Planning firm award winners

In 2019, we were very proud to be crowned winners of the Accredited Financial Planning Firm of the Year™ award. You can watch a video about what it means to you as client to engage a firm who have achieved this award – something only a very select group of financial planning firms have done.

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