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Before we do anything, the first step is to understand your goals and aspirations. Do you want to plan for an early retirement, free up some cash to help your children, set up a new business or spend your golden years seeking adventure?

In many ways, our approach to financial planning is a bit like going on a journey.  Let’s say you live in Leeds but want to get to London. There are many ways you can do that – perhaps you’ll take the train, bus or plane, or even drive. But how do you know which way is best – and do you want to stop off on the way or go full steam ahead?

Financial planning is the same. You may already have your sights set on where you want to go, you just need a bit of help deciding how best to get there, via your pensions, ISAs, savings – or a mix of all those.

The financial plan we provide is like your own personal route map, showing you how you can get where you want to go, in a way that suits you best.

If you’re thinking about planning your retirement, this short video explains a bit more.

Is financial planning essential?

Of course not, you could sort everything out yourself. But ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you how much value they place on the advice we give and the help we give them to implement their financial plan. And more often than not, any fees are more than offset by savings we help you make or the returns you see on your investments.

And when it comes to value, it’s not just about the money. It’s hard to put a price on your future security, peace of mind, or the ability to avoid costly mistakes or spot beneficial opportunities.

The way we work

Lifestyle Financial Planning is not about advising you which financial products to buy. It’s so much more than that.

Before we do anything, we take time to find out about you; what you want from life, what your hopes and aspirations are, how quickly you want to achieve everything – and what risks you’re prepared to take to get there.

Then we undertake a thorough review of your financial picture and come up with a plan that’s perfectly tailored to you and your family.

We’ll only provide advice on financial products or investments, once we completely understand your life and your circumstances and then review everything regularly – we wouldn’t dream of working any other way.

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If you’ve been wondering what you need to do next with your financial planning, or want to know more about getting the most out of your finances for retirement planning, investing or estate planning, please talk to us.

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