Creating Your Bucket List

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We all have things we dream about and would like to do in our lifetime and if you write them down, they have more chance of coming true. People often refer to these goals as bucket lists. bucket lists are, of course, very individual things. We will all have places that we want to travel to and things that we want to do which don’t necessarily chime with everyone else’s goals. However, bucket lists can also be surprisingly difficult to generate! The things that you really want to do one day might be completely different the next day. Remember being a child in a sweet shop? It’s a similar thing when you begin to consider all of the possibilities for one-off events, amazing travel or rewarding experiences.

When we help our clients with their financial planning, we always start by understanding what’s on their bucket list. This is a really important first step as we believe life is for living & your financial planning should be structured to allow you wherever possible to do all the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

You should also try to quantify the items on your bucket list. How much will it cost, when you would like to do it, what will it involve and who will be involved.

To help you to think about what you want to do in later life then, we have jotted down some suggestions, that are in this weeks article and also next weeks, that might inspire some additions to your bucket list. Time to get saving!

Complete a significant feat of learning

A lot of people, particularly in later life and middle age, miss the experience of formal learning that they may have had at school and university. With independent, at home or remote learning though, it’s still possible to achieve the same rewards available at more formal places of education. Perhaps you want to learn a language, a new practical skill or an instrument. The possibilities for expanding your knowledge still further in later life are varied and vast!

Do something ‘extreme’

One for the adventurers out there, many bucket lists feature something some of us would have to be bribed into… or at least strongly convinced! Whether you want to climb one of the world’s tallest peaks or throw yourself out of an aeroplane (parachute attached, of course!), bungee jumping or white water rafting, considering something extreme can be a good way to break up everyday life (for some of us)!

Set foot on every continent

There are lots of travel-based bucket list items and we are sure your bucket list will already have at least a couple on there. Consider this one, though, as a ‘starting point’ for a varied travelling life. Even if you’re well-travelled already, have you missed out Asia or Africa? What about Antarctica? Beginning your retirement travels by making sure you’ve ticked off every continent can ensure that your wandering bucket list has variety.

Travel through an entire region or country

Another great way of gaining knowledge whilst on your travels, you may have a specific trip in mind that would work for this item, or you may need to look at some of the famous ‘great treks’. How about making it through every state in the USA? Or travelling through the Amazon? Or hopping around the Pacific islands? The possibilities for great trips (which take in some unknown places) are endless and hugely rewarding.

We will be continuing our suggestions for your bucket list next week, but in the meantime, we have created a template for you to write down your bucket list. Please feel free to download from our website and save it to your computer. Click Here to Download.